The Friends help the Museum in a number of ways:

Living History Weekends

The Friends "live in" the houses and cook on the ranges to portray life as it was.

Provide assistance as stewards and help with manning the houses.

Chapel Services

Assist with the stewarding and preparation of the Chapel for the services.

Promoting the Museum

The friends purchased a promotional caravan which we take to events throughout the area.

Talks Panel

We also have a Talks Panel that respond to requests for speakers from other organisations who wish to learn more about the Museum.

Pitts Cottage

The Friends are responsible for the running and upkeep of Pitts Cottage. This includes demonstrating family life and explaining the history of the cottage.

Financial Support

The Friends provide financial assistance for specific projects requested by the Museum.

The Friends are sure that if you join us, you will find something of interest to you.